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Meet the team

Dr. Zaid Altahat has over twenty years of experience as a Software Engineer, Architect, & Researcher working for tech giants such as GE Healthcare, Baxter, & Motorola.

Zaid joined UW–Parkside as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department and the director of the App Factory in 2016.

He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science/Software Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in 2010.

His technical expertise spans a broad array of the software spectrum; including Telecommunication, Healthcare, Software Engineering tools, Business Intelligence, Mobile Apps, and Cloud based Web Applications.










Professor Timothy Knautz

Professor Timothy Knautz

Prof. Timothy Knautz has over fifteen years of experience as a Software Engineer for high tech companies such as GE Healthcare, Marquette Medical Systems, Merge Technologies and Fluid Dynamics, Intl.

Mr. Knautz also has over fifteen years’ experience teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Tim joined UW–Parkside as a Lecturer in the Computer Science department in 2001.

He teaches the introductory computer, object oriented programming, client and server web programming and web security.

Previous to that, Tim worked in industry as a software engineer.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Tim is the Founder and Associate Director of the App Factory and the Director of the Solutions for Economic Growth (SEG) Center.

Tim’s technical and programming expertise concentrates mainly on Web and mobile software engineering and programming.









Marshall Ladd

Marshall Ladd

Meet Marshall!

Marshall is a Junior in the Computer Science program at UW-Parkside.

He’s worked in the App Factory for a year, so far.

Marshall worked on Higher Expectation, and The Parkside App.

His favorite programming languages are Java/Android.

He prefers doing the front end app development.

Marshall is considering graduate school.

His ideal career title is Mobile Developer.

His hobbies include going to concerts, and playing video games.











Colin Hoffman

Colin Hoffman

Meet Colin!

Colin is a Junior in the Computer Science program.

He’s worked in the App Factory for the last year and a half on projects such as Higher Expectations and The Parkside App.

He enjoys programming with Java, Swift, and C#, and develops both the front and back ends of applications.

His ideal career is a position in Software Engineering and Software Development.

Colin’s hobbies are hockey, and working on cars and building dreams in the garage.

He really enjoys building and working on race cars with his buddies.











Ky Luong

Ky Luong

Meet Ky!

Ky is a senior in Computer Science.  He is one of the Software Engineers in the App Factory, and started in the Spring, 2018.

Ky enjoys front-end programming, and his favorite programming languages are Java, C++, and Python.

He’s been on the team who is producing the Parkside App for the University of Wisconsin Parkside.

His ideal career after graduation is Software Engineer.

Ky enjoys gaming, investing, and trading cryptocurrency.

He is also considering graduate school.











Jordan Anderson

Jordan Anderson

Meet Jordan!

Jordan is a Computer Science major in his senior year.

He’s worked in the App Factory for a year already.

Some of the projects he’s worked on include Higher Expectations, and KAC.

Jordan’s favorite programming languages are Java and JavaScript.

He enjoys developing the front and back ends of applications.

His ideal career involves “a Pool of Cash.”

Jordan’s hobbies include guitar, reading, gaming, and programming.










Meet Vince!Vince Blom

Vince is a Computer Science graduate and a Senior Developer at the App Factory.

He worked in the App Factory for a year.

Some of the applications and projects that Vince and his teams worked on include
Office Hours, Bradley Safety, and RUSD IS.

His favorite programming languages are Scheme and PHP.

Vince is a Full Stack developer, and his ideal career includes Full Stack web development of some kind.

He would like to attend graduate school, if Saturday classes are offered.

His hobbies include eSports, Fishing, and beverage testing.






Elliott CrifasiMeet Elliott!

Elliott is a Junior, and majors in Computer Science at UW-Parkside.

He has worked in the App Factory for a year.  Some of the projects Elliott worked on include Colorimeter, SAS, and Software Evolution.

His favorite programming languages are JavaScript and Swift.  He enjoys working on both sides of the stack, and is a Full-Stack Developer.

Elliott is planning on graduate school, and his ideal career interests include being a Software Engineer at Google, or owning his own startup company.

His hobbies are playing basketball, photography, and hacking code.

Elliott is also a coach of the Western Kenosha County Basketball team for the Special Olympics of Wisconsin!

He is a hard working member of the App Factory team.











Meet Max!Max Rogers

Max worked in the App Factory since 2016. He recently graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science, with a Unix System Administration certificate.

His favorite programming languages are Swift and Objective-C. Max enjoys working on front-end development.

Some of the applications projects Max worked on include projects such as the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, Kenosha Farmer’s Market, Racine Zoo, and Racine Unified Information Systems

His ideal career involves iOS Development, and working with new technologies.

In his spare time, Max enjoys sports, video games, movies, craft beer, and working on side projects.










Meet Zechariah, or Z!

Zechariah is a senior in the Computer Science program at UW-Parkside.

He has worked in the App Factory for two years.

He has worked on prject such as ReadyBadger, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail apps  His favorite programming languages include C#, Java, and Android.

Z prefers back end programming. After graduation, Z plans to start a career where he can program and keep learning more.

His favorite hobbies include singing, and playing the tuba.

He is a member of MGV Harmonia: German Choir, Church Choir, TLCC Choir/Instrumental, and Tuba Christmas: Appleton












Jeremiah Van Offeren

Jeremiah Van Offeren

Meet Jeremiah!

He is a senior in the Computer Science program at UW-Parkside.

Jeremiah has worked in the App Factory for 3 years.

He’s been on the teams who worked on the Transit App, Tri Core Time Keeping App, Office Hours, Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, Kenosha Parks, and RUSD Information Systems.

His favorite programming languages are Kotlin, Java, Java-Script, Swift, and C#.

He enjoys programming both the Front-end and Back-end of websites.

Jeremiah is a Full-Stack Developer who’s ideal career after graduation includes Software Engineer and Android Developer.




Joe Stewart

Joe Stewart

Meet Joe!

Joe is a senior in Computer Science here at UW-Parkside.

He worked in the App Factory for a few months.

Joe worked on projects for ULINE Ride Share App, and the SAS Accounting Application.

His favorite programming languages are Java, Python, NodeJS, C#, and C++, just to name a few.

Joe enjoys working on the Full Stack and the Back-End.

His ideal career after graduation involves the software development process and/or the cyber security field.

Joe enjoys working with mobile applications, IoT development, embedded systems, and user applications.

His favorite things to do include performing music, reading, hockey, and football.










Mia Martin

Mia Martin

Here is Mia!

Mia is a Junior in the computer science program at UW-Parkside, and is our go to and programming guru when it comes to writing Vue and Vuetify code!

She has worked in the App Factory for a year, so far. Mia took Project Lead  on the Higher Expectations app, and she was also on the team the worked on the Know & Go app.

I’d like to a software engineer for a company that specializes in some sort of gaming relations. Most ideally, I’d love to work for Smash.GG as a web developer. I’d get to do what I love doing, for something I use very frequently.

Her favorite programming language (currently) is JavaScript. She says it’s a pain sometimes, but it’s powerful.  She also likes writing code in PHP.

She likes working equally on the front-end and the back-end programming sides.  She loves and appreciates the hefty work that goes into making a back end, programming the behind-the-scenes tasks for websites.

Mia’s favorite hobbies are playing video games, making costumes, and cooking.  She also likes watching tutorial videos, for pretty much anything.

She is a tournament organizer for fighting game tournaments around the country, such as Evolution Championship Series.  Mia gets to travel a lot during the summer help produce and operate those events.




Meet Mingxi!  She is a graduate student here at the University of Wisconsin–Parkside, in her second year of the Master of Science in Computer and Information Systems.

Mingxi graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Beijing Technology and Business University, after studying at UW-Parkside for a year.

She came back determined to complete her Master’s degree here at UW-Parkside.

Mingxi works in the App Factory, building apps for Racine Zoo, Farmer’s Market, and Higher Expectation.

Her favorite programming language is Java, and she really likes front end programming.

When she’s not deep in thought solving problems with code,  Mingxi also enjoys singing in her free time.










Meet Sterling!

Sterling Aceto

Sterling is a senior who is finalizing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

He started working in the App Factory in May of 2016.

Sterling is on the team that develops the applications for Ready Badger, Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, and Know & Go.

His favorite programming languages are Java, C#, and JavaScript. He prefers programming the Front-end of things. His ideal career involves Software Design and Development.

In his spare time, Sterling enjoys drawing, video games, Web Design, and developing new skills.

He also does freelance work in Web Design and Audio Editing.