The University of Wisconsin-Parkside App Factory is a new creative, professional, interdisciplinary group on campus that develops mobile apps for community clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin.


Graduate and undergraduate students, along with faculty from computer science, business, art, and other disciplines, collaborate to create these apps in a startup company type of environment. Students gain real world experience working with clients and working on live projects as part of internships or course credit.





MA’RUF is a faith-based organization aimed at helping individuals, families, and communities in need.  Their vision is to provide individualized visions for youth who otherwise are void of real-life exposure to the professional world through hands-on mentorship and experimental learning.  The app maintains a calendar of community events where volunteers can view and sign up to participate.



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Higher Expectations


The Higher Expectations for Racine County app is used for adding events to your calendar, such as career fairs or campus visits that students can attend.





Bradley Color Spec

The Bradley Color Spec platform is the first application that was built for Bradley. It’s basically a catalog of their bathroom tiling with additional features like comparison and sample requests.

There exists an iOS and Android app, along with a website that allows Bradley Corp to upload new tile images and group them by category.


Screenshots courtesy of Project Lead Kyle Zawacki



Racine Zoo

The Racine Zoo project is a mobile project that allows users to view animals, be alerted of upcoming events, and view an annotated map. iBeacons are currently being setup at each animal cage so the app will intelligently bring up the appropriate animal for the user to view based on his/her location.


Screenshots courtesy of Project Lead Kyle Zawacki



Bradley App

The Bradley Site Survey app is a custom solution for Bradley Corp Inc. It’s a digitization of their existing site survey program, and the goal is to reduce the time that it takes to perform each audit as well as provide additional features like on site report generation and picture taking capabilities.




Screenshots courtesy of Project Lead Kyle Zawacki



Mobile Transit Solutions


The AppFactory is excited to announce our collaboration with the cities of Kenosha and Racine in creating Mobile Transit Solutions.

Our Transit apps allow users to quickly and easily locate bus routes nearby and determine their arrival time.

Need to go to a specific location? The built-in route feature lets the user to map out their trip.

Apps for Android:


Apps for iOS:







Admissions App


In collaboration with the UW-Parkside Admissions Office,
the App Factory built an app to help students choose their major.

Students are able to explore all of the UW-Parkside majors, and then download or print information on selected fields of study.

Visit the University of Wisconsin–Parkside admissions office to try it out today!




Algae Estimator

Using live data from strategically located sensors in select bodies of water, the Algae Estimator app allows scientists to estimate when an algal bloom will occur. Users can also input a variety of measurements into the application to generate a graph that gives a visual estimation of an algal bloom.


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On The Radar


The On The Radar project is a web-based application being developed by the App Factory to be used by students, advisors, and department administrators. Students must meet certain requirements within their general education courses, to complete their general education requirements for their major or program. The app will help guide which course combinations meet those requirements.







The CUSH app allows users to find government officials and representatives. Users can contact them about current topics directly through the app.






Frank Lloyd Wright Trail


The Frank Lloyd Wright® Trail was established in 2016 to connect nine Wright-designed historical sites in southern Wisconsin. The trail takes visitors on a self-guided architectural tour through nine counties.


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Office Hours

The Physics Office Hours system was developed to help course instructors develop an interactive Android application that can help students with course material and where to get started on homework problems that they are struggling with.







Kenosha Farmer’s Market


If you love supporting your community, or just love cooking with fresh foods, then farmers’ markets are your place! Head out to any of the locations and find fresh produce and homemade deliciousness for you to enjoy. Buy local, eat local!


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City of Kenosha Parks Alliance


This App helps users find events at nearby Kenosha Parks.






 Kenosha Parks- screenshot thumbnail     Kenosha Parks- screenshot thumbnail     Kenosha Parks- screenshot thumbnail



Ready Badger


Ready Badger is an emergency alert app for the state of Wisconsin. Funded by Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management through an EPCRA (State of WI) and EMPG (FEMA) grants, this project aims to help citizens of the State of Wisconsin stay up to date on emergency information and submit damage reports in the event of a disaster.



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Screenshots courtesy of Project Lead Kyle Zawacki



TriCore App


Based in Racine, WI, TriCore specializes in automating fluid manufacturing systems. Working nationwide, they needed a simple system to keep track of work hours out in the field.

Our app, developed for Android and iOS, aimed to help them cut down on paperwork and streamline their work processes.

Want to learn more about TriCore? Visit their site.






WGTD Streaming App


Wisconsin Gateway Technical Radio (91.9 FM) is a station that broadcasts to Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth counties.

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Be sure to check out their website Here!