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Armando Ramirez


Meet Armando!

Armando is a Senior at UW-Parkside. He is working on a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Armando has been with the App Factory for almost a year. He is a team member for the Toffee and Unico projects.

His favorite programming languages are Python, Java, and Scheme, and he enjoys programming on the server side, or back-end programming.

Armando is planning on attending graduate school. His ideal career involves back-end software engineering, networked applications, and independent software projects.

Armando enjoys camping, hiking, playing D&D, reading fantasy and sci-fi, learning organic chemistry, playing video games, and spending time with family and friends.

He is also a class assistant for Computer Science 241, and a Peer Career Coach for UW-Parkside’s Student Support Services.