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Jeremiah Van Offeren

Meet Jeremiah!

Jeremiah Van Offeren

Jeremiah Van Offeren

Jeremiah graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, with a Mobile Development Certificate.  Jeremiah worked in the App Factory for 3 years.  He’s been on the teams who worked on the Transit App, Tri Core Time Keeping App, Office Hours, Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, Kenosha Parks, and RUSD Information Systems.

His favorite programming languages are Kotlin, Java, Java-Script, Swift, and C#.  He enjoys programming both the Front-end and Back-end of websites.

Jeremiah is a Full-Stack Developer who’s ideal career after graduation includes Software Engineer and Android Developer.

Where is Jeremiah Now?

We’re reaching out to him to get permission to disclose his awesome new position. We’ll keep you posted soon.