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Kyle Zawacki

Meet Kyle!

Kyle graduated from UW-Parkside in 2017, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Kyle landed an amazing job as an iOS Developer at Solstice. His current toolset includes programming with Swift, Java, Spring Boot, Angular, iOS, and Android. Kyle got to work on a few exciting projects. He tells us “I’m working on an ecommerce website for Gordon Food Service at the moment. Before that, I worked on a farming app for DuPont Pioneer. Both of these projects are 30+ million dollar projects with hundreds of people working on them.”

Kyle’s advice for graduating students and job seekers: “Work hard at the App Factory. Your classes won’t teach you the practical theory and skills that you need to actually succeed in the real world. Make sure that your possible employer knows that you’re not a regular CS graduate, you’re an App Factory graduate, which means that you know how to code.”

In his spare time, Kyle likes to work on his own side project, a D & D app.