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Max Rogers


Meet Max!

Max Rogers

Max Rogers

Max worked in the App Factory since 2016. He graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science, and a Unix System Administration certificate.  His favorite programming languages are Swift and Objective-C.  Max enjoys working on front-end development.

Some of the applications projects Max worked on include projects such as the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, Kenosha Farmer’s Market, Racine Zoo, and Racine Unified Information Systems.  His ideal career involves iOS Development, and working with new technologies.  In his spare time, Max enjoys sports, video games, movies, craft beer, and working on side projects.

Where is Max now?

Max landed a new job and is now a Jr. iOS Developer at YinzCam.   He is currently using iOS development, Objective-C/Swift as his programming languages. He gets to work in an environment he loves, Mobile Applications for Professional Sports Teams.   His advice for graduates and those who are job hunting:  “Be patient or open to relocation if you want a specific role for a cool company. Or get lucky 🙂 ” And, “It’s a numbers game.  Every interview will make you more comfortable for the next one. Know your worth, working at the App Factory provides very relevant experience and will put you ahead of a lot of other junior developers.  Make sure that your possible employer knows that you’re not a regular CS graduate, you’re an App Factory graduate, which means that you know how to code.”