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Mia Martin

Here is Mia Martin.  Mia is a Junior in the computer science program at UW-Parkside, and is our go to and programming guru when it comes to writing Vue and Vuetify code!

She has worked in the App Factory for a year, so far. Mia took Project Lead on the Higher Expectations app, and she worked on the team that made the Know & Go app, building the front-end.

I’d like to a software engineer for a company that specializes in some sort of gaming relations. Most ideally, I’d love to work for Smash.GG as a web developer. I’d get to do what I love doing, for something I use very frequently.

Her favorite programming language (currently) is JavaScript. She says it’s a pain sometimes, but it’s powerful.  She also likes writing code in PHP.
She likes working equally on the front-end and the back-end programming sides.  She loves and appreciates the hefty work that goes into making a back end, programming the behind-the-scenes tasks for websites.

Mia’s favorite hobbies are playing video games, making costumes, and cooking.  She also likes watching tutorial videos, for pretty much anything.

She is a tournament organizer for fighting game tournaments around the country, such as Evolution Championship Series.  Mia gets to travel a lot during the summer to help produce and operate those events.