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Timothy Knautz

Professor Timothy Knautz

Professor Timothy Knautz

Prof. Timothy Knautz has over fifteen years of experience as a Software Engineer for high tech companies such as GE Healthcare, Marquette Medical Systems, Merge Technologies and Fluid Dynamics, Intl.

Mr. Knautz also has over fifteen years’ experience teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Tim joined UW–Parkside as a Lecturer in the Computer Science department in 2001.

He teaches the introductory computer, object oriented programming, client and server web programming and web security.

Previous to that, Tim worked in industry as a software engineer.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Tim is the Founder and Associate Director of the App Factory and the Director of the Solutions for Economic Growth (SEG) Center.

Tim’s technical and programming expertise concentrates mainly on Web and mobile software engineering and programming.