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Vince Blom

Meet Vince!

Vince Blom

Vince is a Computer Science graduate and a Senior Developer at the App Factory.  He worked in the App Factory for a year. Vince graduated from UW-Parkside in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science with a Unix System Administration Certificate.

Some of the applications and projects that Vince and his teams worked on include Office Hours, Bradley Safety, and RUSD IS.

His favorite programming languages are Scheme and PHP.Vince is a Full Stack developer, and his ideal career includes Full Stack web development of some kind.He would like to attend graduate school, if Saturday classes are offered. His hobbies include eSports, and Fishing.

Where is Vince now?

Vince landed his first job as Lead Web Developer at 1st Basis Consulting.  He is currently using PHP, JavaScript, and SAP.  His advice for future graduates:  “Don’t sell yourself short, know your worth and don’t settle.  Be hard.  You are worth it. “